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Broast Inn Story

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Our Restuarant Story

From our proprietary marinades to our sauces to our dressing and our cooking process, here at Broast Inn we refine our menu with time, which makes it something that our customers want to come back to have some more of!

We also cook fresh and crispy with natural cooking which also helps us ensure that our menu is good for your health as well. Our cooking process also adds that level of refinement that is uniquely Broast Inn, which makes us a highly recommended restaurant among our customers.

The Passion for Broast

Broast has been at the heart of our restaurant since the day it began. What we love about broasting is because it’s pressure fried, it helps make our chicken very tender and juicy, which makes for an amazing dining experience.

In traditional frying, chicken is dressed and friend in an open top frying pan until the outside is golden crispy. The problem with this method is cross-flavouring: your chicken could end up tasting like the cooking oil or whatever was cooked before your chicken. It will also make the chicken dry, and dry fried chicken is boring fried chicken!

Broasting aims to solve all of that. The broasting process starts the same way traditional frying does: the chicken is dressed, marinated and seasoned. But that’s where the similarities end. The chicken is then deep fried in a pressure cooker for a minute and then the lid is closed tight to keep the moisture in, keeping the chicken juicy as well as limiting the amount of oil that penetrates the chicken, which means less calories for you!

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